It goes without saying that the world of web design is constantly changing; how websites appeared and functioned ten years ago is long gone (thankfully).  And even though not all changes from year to year are as apparent as the difference in aesthetics between a 1997 and a 2017 website, the changes are continually happening.  A modern website in 2020 may no longer hold its value as we move toward 2018; those are the dynamics of the web design market.  It is important as a web design company to keep a constant eye on web design trends as the years move forward, to ensure that your web design company stays afloat as well an SEO.

Gaining in popularity over the last year or two, websites will continue to seek bolder and brighter colors, leaving behind the drab, colorless or dull websites of the past.  Companies want their logos and calls-to-action and other notable items on their site to stand out, and there is almost nothing that stands out more than bright colors that attract attention from the consumer’s eyes.  This, of course, does not mean flashy.  Lime green or hot pink can be quite painful to look at.  However, with the correct color combinations, an experienced Long Island web designer can incorporate just about any color in a harmonious fashion to get the look and result the client desires.

Graphic design and web design will merge to create more interesting, dynamic websites.  For those outside of the web design universe, these two things may be considered synonymous.  However, for most web design companies, the potential and use of  graphic designs has not fully been incorporated.  The use of graphic designs, such as sketches or line art and patterns, will help to make a website more unique, a feature that 2018 consumers will certainly subconsciously be drawn too when ultimately making a decision.

Along the same vein, animation will continue to see growing popularity as it keeps a visitor interested and waiting to see what the final product is.  There is a reason GIFs and other animations keep people aimlessly scrolling through websites for hours; the brain is much more entertained by animation than flat design or photographs.  As a web design company on Long Island, it will be important to incorporate animation into your own website, as an element to attract clients and as a de facto portfolio, signaling to future clients the type of work you can complete for them.

For e-commerce websites, it is increasingly important to have photo content, as many consumers will base a decision on the aesthetics of an item rather than the words surrounding the product. Having original and unique photographs is much more important than stock photographs.  Working with a designer to create unique, eye-popping photographs will help make your websites more unique and successful in finding a top New York SEO Company in the NYC SEO services area.

As you can see, it is clear that visually interesting websites are on the rise and there are many trends forming or growing that will enhance the overall visual appeal and functionality of a web site.  Follow trends as we push into 2018, to continue to create successful websites.